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8/18/1610/20/15POPSUGARFitnessHealthy LivingWhy People Need to Stop Judging What Others EatIt’s None of Your Business What People Put in Their MouthsOctober 20, 2015 by Kel Campbell747 SharesWhether it's gluten, alcohol, or dairy, people are constantly judged for the types of food they choose to consume (or to not consume). Author Kel Campbell discusses the frustration she feels when people think they have the right to comment on her lunch order in this post originally featured on Medium.In high school, a girl on my basketball team gave me the nickname Fat Girl. Poetically speaking, it lacked nuance, but certainly achieved a certain emotional potency.No matter how I tried to quell its deleterious effect on my self-worth, the title stuck to me and on me and inside of me. Though I ran from many mirrors, I was always and only Fat Girl in my mind's eye, until I decided I'd had enough of people making fun of me and calling me names. In college, I stuck to a strict diet that allowed me to lose the weight and bid - 웹
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